Actual Screenshots


1) Roseanne Barr National Anthem Parody/Sternac/Richard Simmons/ Ed McMad's Spokesmodel Search/Young MC & Amy Lynn Baxter/clip of Tom Arnold yelling at tabloid reporters/Stuttering John interviews Paul Harvey, Candice Bergen's mother/Felix Cavalera (The Young Rascals) - Original Air Date 7/28/90 #3
2) George Bush (Billy West) raps about Howard/Howard holds hostages for ratings/Baba Booey wears a beekeeper's hat/Gilbert "Dice" Gottfried/David Dinkins School of Speech/Jaffe Cohen-The Gay Comic/The Ramones play golf with G. Bush/Bush on vacation/Man on the Street interviews people about Marion Barry/Stuttering John interviews Melanie Griffith/The Cowsills - Original Air Date 8/25/90 #7
3) Lesbian Dating Game #1/Joe Piscopo (Saturday Night Live) announces his engagement to his former babysitter, Kimberly/ Reverend Al Sharpton - Original Air Date 11/17/90 #19
4) A Night at the Movies with Howard, Run-DMC, and other assorted characters from the gang/a salute to New York television critic Marvin Kittman/Howard exercises with a spokesmodel/Annual David Dinkins Sweat Comparison/Frank & Jackie Stallone/Stuttering John interviews Tony Bennett, Tiny Tim, Leona Helmsley, Helen Gurley Brown, Jackie Mason, Imelda Marcos, Joan Rivers, Neil Sedaka, Bess Myerson, Sydney Biddle-Barrows, Liz Smith, Regis Philbin, Donald Trump & Marla Maples/Howard's Birthday Cake - Original Air Date 1/5/91 #24
5) Gulf War update with Fred the Elephant Boy/Howard and Robin analyze the Gulf War using a sandbox and toy soldiers/Barbara Bush the Sportswoman/Howard introduces a spokesmodel and her boyfriend/Howard visits Al Sharpton (Ted the Janitor) in the hospital/Super Bowl Party #1 - Original Air Date 1/19/91 #25
6) Mayor David Dinkins plays tennis/Larry King (Howard Stern) reads his USA Today column/Baba Booey wears a diving helmet/Bob Hope in: "Don't Shoot Me--I'm 86 and I'll Be Dead in Two Weeks!"/ Review of the MTV Awards/Iggy Pop/Angie Bowie/Mae Pang/ Stuttering John chases down Eddie Murphy - Original Air Date 9/8/90 #9
1) Art Fleming hosts "This is a Life?--Howard Stern" with Ben & Rae Stern (parents), The Electric Comic Book (Howard's teenage band), Ellen Stern (sister), Allison Stern (wife), Dee Snyder (Twisted Sister) and a host of other people that were involved in Howard's childhood and adolescence - Original Air Date 2/2/91 #26
2) An Internal Affair (with Maury & Connie)/Baba Booey wears a veil/Barbra Streisand impersonator talks to Elliott Gould/Lisa Sliwa & Elliott Gould star in "Howard & Robin & Elliott & Lisa"/JFK Jr. in "Babes & Books"/Stuttering John interviews Ted Williams, Margot Kidder, Phil Donahue/Ronnie Spector - Original Air Date 8/18/90 #6
3) David Dinkins in "The Mayor with the X-Ray Eye"/Gulf War military briefing with General Howard Yankoff/clip of Howard on the Joan Rivers Show/Howard kissses Leonard Marshall's (NY Giants) ass/Baba Booey picks his nose/Stuttering John vs. Tourette's Don: John interviews Bernadette Peters; Don interviews ex-porn star Candida Royalle, Henny Youngman, Lou Jacobi, Sandi Korn - Original Air Date 2/9/91 #27
4) Focus on Robin's top/Howard invades the studios of 9 Broadcast Plaza/Sinead O'Connor career suggestions/Kevin McMahon's ascot/ Swinging Couples Dating Game/WOR's Lloyd Lindsey Young - Original Air Date 2/23/91 #28
5) Gen. Howard Yankoff briefing regarding Saturday Night Live/ Focus on Robin's top/1st plug for Crucified by the FCC/A Horse named Howard Stern/Howard plays Twister with a spokesmodel/ Baba Booey attempts to explain horse racing/Howard invades 9BP once again/Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders)/Marilyn Michaels does her Zsa-Zsa impression/Swinger's Hookup/Gen. Yankoff bloopers- Original Air Date 3/2/91 #29
6) Howard contacts Elvis/Baba Booey wears a turtleneck sweater/ Stuttering John vs. Morton Downey Jr./Stuttering John interviews Judy Carne/The Evolution of Darryl Strawberry's head - Original Air Date 9/15/90 #10
1) "Please Don't Call Me Baba Booey"/Barbie Booey Doll/Midget Spokesmodel/"A Waking Up"--a parody of "Awakenings"/Siskel & Ebert review "A Waking Up"/Out of the Closet Stern & Mr. Blackswill visit Meat Loaf/Stuttering John tries to interview Pete Rose and George Foster and winds up getting kicked out of the baseball convention - Original Air Date 3/16/91 #30
2) Reviews of the first show/Sam Kinison/David Brenner/Organ grinder & monkey/Frank Sinatra (Billy West) in "I Remember What's Her Name"/Stuttering John interviews Roy Scheider, Joey Ramone/ Lucy & Desi Auditions/The Afros/clip of the Central Park jogger trial/Joe Walsh - Original Air Date 9/21/90 #2
3) Howard displays his newly shaved stomach/interview with Ted & Joan Kennedy (both played by Howard)/Howard plays with breast implants/the gang goofs on Madonna's "Justify My Love" video that was banned by MTV/Lesbian Love Connection #1/Miss Pennsylvania & Oscar the dummy - Original Air Date 12/1/90 #21
4) George Steinbrenner puppet/Female Wrestlers/Smoking Saddam Hussein/Pat Cooper/Leona Helmsley parody/golf ball licking/Dr. Joyce Brothers/Stuttering John interviews Dick Clark, John Amos/The Moody Blues - Original Air Date 8/4/90 #4
5) First appearance of producer Dan Forman/Jumping Bikini Girls (Amy Lynn Baxter, Kimberly Taylor, Sandi Korn)/Baba Booey wears wrestling headgear/Harlem Walk of Fame/Jackie Martling's Belly Button/Grandpa Al Lewis at the FCC rally/Out of the Closet Munsters/Stuttering John interviews Joey & Cindy Adams, Anthony Quinn/Jackie's breast exam - Original Air Date 10/6/90 #13
6) Howard's Pregame massage for the NBT&A Basketball Championship-Howard vs. Nils Lofgren/Jerry Seinfeld, Al Sharpton, Judy Tenuta, and Joe Franklin predict outcome/profile of Nils Lofgren/Howard trains with the Harlem Globetrotters and practices against a midget/Porn star Aja strips to the National Anthem/more predictions from Geraldo Rivera, Gilbert Gottfried, Curtis & Lisa Sliwa, and Sandi Korn/Halftime Dream come True/Lloyd & George Lindsey Young/Nils performs - Original Air Date 4/27/91 #31
1) Ted Kennedy (Howard Stern) holds a press conference and demonstrates the pee-pee dance/Howard shows his eyes for higher ratings/Basketball show outtakes/Baba Booey picks his earwax/Love Spit Love Report/Stuttering John looks for hookers/The Female Feud starring The Hookers vs. The Call Girls - Original Air Date 5/4/91 #32
2) Stuttering John chases Madonna/Howard as Madonna/Stuttering John interviews Tommy Lasorda, porn star Heather Hunter/Sandi Korn & Suzy the Transsexual/Rock & Roll Slut Fantasy Makeover - Original Air Date 5/11/91 #33
3) Bob Hopeless (Howard Stern) salutes the troops of Desert Storm/Howard tours McGuire Air Force Base/Joe Piscopo and Kimberly visit the troops/General Larry Fine & Miss Iraq/Judy Tenuta/Penthouse Pets Amy Lynn & Susan Napoli /Robin & Bob Hopeless sing "Thanks for the Mammaries" - Original Air Date 5/18/91 #34
4) Universal 9 News promo spots for the Howard Stern TV show/Baba Booey wears a face shield/Escape from New York--a letter from Mayor David Dinkins/Linda Blair stars in "The Sexorcist"/Baba Booey tracks Yoko Ono - Original Air Date 10/13/90 #14
5) Cindy Adams badmouths Howard/Baba Booey wears a lampshade/Tony Danza promo/Sally Kirkland/Kadeem Hardison/Stuttering John interviews Connie Chung and Richard Gere at the Dhali Lama press conference/Papa John Phillips - Original Air Date 9/29/90 #12
6) Show reviews and critic shrine/Yearbook photos/goofing on Vanna White via satellite/Amazing Joe gets buried alive/ Stuttering John interviews Justine Bateman and gets mocked by Fred Norris/Howard makes a plea for lesbians - Original Air Date 11/10/90 #18
1) Defending Your Show (lots of highlights from past shows) - Original Air Date 7/13/91 #35
2) Stuttering John interviews Roy Scheider (again)/Howard meets the real Bob Hope/Dr. Ruth Westheimer advises Howard & his wife Allison/What's My Secret? with Arlene Francis & Kitty Carlisle Hart - Original Air Date 7/20/91 #36
3) Insanity Fair (Vanity Fair cover spoof featuring a semi-nude Jackie the Jokeman)/An interview with Clarence Thomas and Audrey Landers/Pregnant spokesmodel/Judd Nelson & Bill Paxton/Deney Terio's Karaoke/Stuttering John interviews Marsha Mason, Keith Hernandez, Jim Bouton, and Pia Lindstrom - Original Air Date 7/27/91 #37
4) Sexual Deviant show meeting/Supermodel Carol Alt/Herve Villachaize/Pee-Wee's Play with Yourself Playhouse starring Pee-Wee and an assorted list of wacky sexual deviants - Original Air Date 8/3/91 #38
5) Stuttering John argues with Kevin McMahon/Tony Bennett/ Director John Lollos' first appearance/Mistress Anyssa/ Stuttering John interviews Cher, Sylvester Stallone, and chases Arsenio Hall/Out of the Closet Stern & Mr. Blackswill interview Todd Bridges/Viewer Mail - Original Air Date 10/5/91 #39
6) Celebrity Bowling and Christmas Special with Frank Stallone, Pat Cooper, Young MC, Grandpa Al Lewis, Marilyn Michaels, Tyrone Frazier, Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, Jessica Hahn, Lloyd & George Lindsey Young, The Ramones, and Fr. Bruce Ritter (Billy West) - Original Air Date 12/15/90 #23
1) John Stamos & Lori Loughlin/Playing with the new boom mic/ Stuttering John (in L.A.) interviews Duff (Guns n' Roses), Sally Jessy Raphael/Larry King Live with John "Blackie" Stamos/ phone call from Paula Abdul/Crown Heights Jeopardy - Original Air Date 10/12/91 #40
2) A look at Jackie Martling's toes/Porn star Hyapatia Lee/Tina Yothers/You Bet Your Ass starring Howcho Stern/Stuttering John interviews Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Asner/Viewer Mail/Jackie and Baba Booey in bed together - Original Air Date 10/19/91 #41
3) Stuttering John interviews Ed Begley Jr./Baba Booey's MTV audition tape/Baba Booey gets his head shaved and almost cries/ the Morrell twins/2nd interview with Clarence Thomas (along with Anita Hill and Mrs. Thomas)/Robert Vaughn/Lesbian Dating Game #2 - Original Air Date 10/26/91 #42
4) Who does Baba Booey look like?/Everyone wears Dan Forman masks for the Halloween show/Fans do tricks to try and get into the studio/Sandi Korn gets quizzed/Kenneth Keith Kallenbach cuts and eats his own hair/Stuttering John tracks down Larry King/The $20 Pyramid with Chuck Norris and Shadoe Stevens/Stuttering John chats to Chuck and Shadoe/Howard addresses the crowd - Original Air Date 11/2/91 #43
5) Stuttering John interviews Oliver North/Niteline: Robin talks to David Duke (Howard Stern)/Howard in the shower with Tempest the stripper/Stevie Starr--the guy who swallows everything/ Halloween Massages 1991/Lesbian Love Connection #2 - Original Air Date 11/9/91 #44
6) The Helen Stern Show with Tula the Transexual/Dr. Kevorkian- "Dr. Death's Suicide Machine"/Dixie Dynamite's ZZZ breasts/ Stuttering John interviews Ally Sheedy/Spokesmodel of the Year Pageant with Tula, Lloyd Lindsey Young and Mason Reese as judges - Original Air Date 11/16/91 #45
1) House Party II/Stuttering John and band play/Hypnotist Dr. Marshall King returns/an appearance by the Spokesmodel of the year/a look at Ronnie the Limo Driver's hairy back - Original Air Date 11/23/91 #46
2) An Old Fashioned Howard Stern Cristmas/Homeless guy makeover/Cheech and Chong in "The First Christmas Story" with Helen Stern as the Virgin Mary and Dan Forman as Baby Jesus/Joint rolling contest/Marc Berglass' first appearance/Half Jewy Claus brings Fred a bachelor party/Fred gets oiled up and his fiancee Princess Norris shows up/The gang sings "O Come All Ye Faithful" and throw things at each other - Original Air Date 12/13/91 #47
3) The Milli Vanilli Story/Dick Cavett/Decency Debate with an old lady who reported Howard to the FCC/Stuttering John complains about not being on the air more/Howard sticks his finger in a spokesmodel's belly button/Stuttering John at the Lost in Space convention - Original Air Date 12/8/90 #22
4) The Howard Stern Roast with Ben & Rae Stern, Joan Rivers, Richard Simmons, Doug Bady, Geraldo Rivera, Pat Cooper, Maury Povich, Fred the Elephant Boy, Augustus the Homeless Guy, Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, Henny Youngman, Richard Lewis & Jamie Lee Curtis/Jackie Martling Bombs/Baba Booey is funny/Stuttering John acts like a retard/Sandra Bernhard kisses Richard Simmons/Marc Berglass gets more junk dumped on him/Allison Stern talks about Howard's farting/ Fred sings a tribute to Howard - Original Air Date 1/11/92 #48
5) Howard and Baba Booey reenact the Merv Griffin-Deney Terio harrasment encounter/Deney's ex-girlfriend confronts him/Howard and Robin tour New York City as the King and Queen of Radio/ street clips of NY critic Jill Brooke and Geraldo Rivera/Gary Busey stars in The Head Injury Club for Men along with Howard, Fred the Elephant Boy, Quenton the Stutterer, and Kenneth Keith Kallenbach/ Fartman meets Batman (Adam West)/ Stuttering John interviews Liz Smith, Barbara Walters, Maury Povich & Connie Chung, Dan Rather, Mike Wallace - Original Air Date 1/18/92 #49
6) Howard as Capt. James T. Kirk/Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) no shows so a replacement is sought/Stern Trek/Black Folk with White Features with Sabrina LeBeauf (The Cosby Show)/The Couldn't Get Into College Bowl features a 7th grader challenging Sandi Korn and Kenneth Keith Kallenbach - Original Air Date 1/25/92 #50
1) Stuttering John at the Gennifer Flowers press conference/Ralph the Makeup guy and Howard guess who Howard has played in the past/ Dr. Stern's Amazing Sexual Discoveries/Larry King (Stern) Live with Tawny Kitaen, Sally Kirkland, and The Kielbasa Queen/ Dating Game with Tawny Kitaen, Fred the Elephant Boy, Quenton the Stutterer and Kessler the Midget - Original Air Date 2/1/92 #51
2) Super Bowl Party #2/Brian Genesee/Howard Stern Speaks to the People/1st appearance of Suzanne Muldowney aka Underdog Woman/ Stuttering John performs his Planet of the Apes dance/Black Elvis/ Ted the Janitor as The Black Tony Bennett/Stuttering John speaks to Underdog Woman - Original Air Date 2/8/92 #52
3) Rae Stern (Howard's mother)/Spokesmodel winner/Joan Rivers' first appearance on the show/Halloween Massages #1 - Original Air Date 11/3/90 #17
4) Howard Speaks to the People (Part 2)/Mark Brown: The Obsessive-Compulsive guy/focus on Ralph the Makeup Man's Berry/ Who Has the Cancer Bags? with Lita Ford - Original Air Date 2/15/92 #53
5) Elvis and his mother/Stuttering John interviews Brian Wilson, Barbara Eden, Valerie Harper, Lee Iacocca, Sharon Gless/Homeless Howiewood Squares with Underdog Woman, Jaye P. Morgan, Gene Rayburn, Mark Harris, and none other than the KKK guy in the center square - Original Air Date 2/22/92 #54
6) Elvis Stamp 1-800 vote/Homeless Howiewood Squares (continued)/ 1-900-DIM-WIT: a parody of all the late-night party lines - Original Air Date 3/7/92 #55
1) Ex-hood Henry Hill gets goofed on via satellite/El Show de Las Secaucus featuring Howardo Estern and Menudo/Howard and Martha Quinn star in "From There to Eternity"/Stuttering John interviews Warren Beatty, Marlo Thomas & Gloria Steinem - Original Air Date 3/14/92 #56
2) The Twilight Zone/The Stuttering John Show/Howard interviews Cindy Crawford, Van Halen/The Stern Illustrated Swimsuit Show - Original Air Date 3/21/92 #57
3) The Russ Salzberg Show/Queen for Today starring Erin Moran, Billy Gray and Lauren Chapin/Stern's People's Court: A woman protests the airing of The Homeless Howiewood Squares - Original Air Date 3/28/92 #58
4) America's Really Wanted (Ralph's Barber, Dentist, and Dermatologist)/Mark Harris & Martha Raye's St. Patrick's Day Party with Cesar Romero, Rose Marie/You Asked Us For It with your host Jack Often/Lesbian From There to Eternity with Becky Wreck from Lesbian Dating Game #1/Stuttering John interviews gays at the St. Patrick's Day Parade/Promo for the Helen Stern Show - Original Air Date 4/4/92 #59
5) Stuttering John interviews Bea Arthur/Howard interviews manager of the TV station that took him off the air/Fred imitates Howard on a Snapple spot/viewer complaints/The Kielbasa Queen/ Club Howie with your host Right Said Howie and guest Corey Feldman/a look at Stuttering John's zits/Stuttering John interviews Jerry Brown - Original Air Date 4/18/92 #60
6) Howard Stern's Tribute to Breasts: Michael Spinks and Mason Reese try to guess celebrity breasts/Jessica Hahn via satellite/Al Rosenberg gets a breast exam/Sally Kirkland via satellite/The History of the Bra/Bra Removing Contest/Jaye P. Morgan via satellite/Wacky Breast Tricks/Davy Jones of The Monkees/Howard and the gang sing "Breasts Feed the World" - Original Air Date 4/26/92 #61

1) Larry Linville stars in C.A.S.H./Stuttering John interviews Morgan Fairchild, Pauly Shore, Bruce Springsteen, Chris Rock, Magic Johnson, Rick Dees, Betty White/Lesbian Love Connection #3/Kenneth Keith Kallenbach's unairable stand-up debut/Previously unaired segment from Stern's People's Court with Letha Weapons and Baba Booey's birthday - Original Air Date 5/2/92 #62
5) Spokesmodel Tempest tastes Snapple/Kevin McMahon goes out hunting for hookers/interviews with various prostitutes/Hooker Howiewood Squares with guest contestants Susan Olsen and Mike Lookinland from the Brady Bunch/Stuttering John interviews John Forsythe, Isabel Sanford - Original Air Date 7/11/92 #66
6) Dr. Judith Kurianski shows clips of a Japanese penis parade--a salute to fertility rites/Name that Tuna featuring Anne-Marie the Lesbian, porn actress Michelle Monroe and Robin Quivers/ Stuttering John interviews Penny Marshall, Chevy Chase, Sigourney Weaver, Art Garfunkel, Liza Minelli/Howard presents "Gagagain's Island" starring Bob Denver and Dawn Wells from the original Gilligan's Island - Original Air Date 7/18/92 #67

1) Howard welcomes an old girlfriend and shows a geeky picture of himself/The Hooker's Price is Right featuring Bob Porker and Fred Berry (Rerun from What's Happening?)/Stacy Gallina (Knot's Landing)/Howard and Stacy star in the spoof: "Sterny Dancing" - Original Air Date 7/25/92 #68
2) (Final Episode of the Series) The Sternlywed Game starring Mr. & Mrs. Howard Stern, Mr & Mrs. Dan Forman, Stuttering John and Karen, and Fred Norris & The Princess/The staff sit around and look at outtakes and footage that got left on the cutting room floor/The crew says goodbye for the last time - Original Air Date 8/1/92 #69
3) House Party #1: The Lesbian Ledge/Dr. Marshall King hypnotizes the House Party girls/Enuff Z Nuff/Becky the Mental Patient - Original Air Date 11/24/90 #20
4) First show of the series/Howard introduces the gang/Stuttering John interviews Walter Mondale, Allison Steele/Hidden camera on Jessica Hahn/Jessica Hahn's lovers/Richard Belzer/interview with the Zodiac Killer/Kenneth Keith Kallenbach - Original Air Date 7/14/90 #1
5) General Larry Fine declares war on Saddam Hussein/Hidden camera on Kimberly Taylor/Howard with a nose job/Kenneth Keith Kallenbach farts and throws up/Father Bruce Ritter in: "Songs from the Bath House"/David Dinkins Sweat Counter/Dart Man/Baba Booey wears a wedding veil/Stuttering John interviews Tom Landry/Disgusting Tricks/Howard reintroduces the gang/Gary's Cartoon Art - Original Air Date 8/11/90 #5
6) Ethel Merman sings "Stern Means Entertainment"/Baba Booey wears a knight's helmet/Stuttering John at a ZZ Top press conference for their new album/Kitty Dukantkickthis at Sober Hills/Howard in ski wear/Leona Helmsley sings/Paula Abdul Then and Now/Penn Gillette/Tattoo Models/Morty Gandhi/Stuttering John interviews Sue Simmons, Mark Christian, Judy Carne/Kid 'n' Play - Original Air Date 9/1/90 #8
1) Casey & Jean Kasem's Favorite Arab-Americans/Baba Booey wears a paper bag/Joe Piscopo & Kimberly the Babysitter/Larry Holmes - Original Air Date 9/22/90 #11
2) Spanking Mail/Baba Booey's Personal Irrigation Helmet/Judy Tenuta/Topsy Curvy/Grosanne at Home/Howard eats Cat Chow/Robin & Madonna telestrated/Al Sharpton's face on famous people/ Stuttering John interviews Liz Smith - Original Air Date 10/20/90 #15
3) Viking Dan Forman's Halloween/The guys dress as Vikings/ Shantay Fernandez Day Care Center/Baba Booey gets locked in a car trunk/Sir Bob Geldof/Ted the Janitor as King Janitor/Geldof plays from a car trunk/The Miracle of the Crying Dan Forman Picture/ Celestine the Armless & Legless Woman/Spokesmodel voting - Original Air Date 10/27/90 #16